Our Off Road Hoverboards are fantastic to use on trails, gravel roads and when camping or at the cabin.

Ten Inch Off Road Hoverboard

Our 10 inch hoverboard is the best model for off road action in Canada.

The ten inch wheels on this hoverboard are great for rough terrain, gravel and grass. They feature LED lights and a tough plastic body.

With their massive 10" tires these are some of the fastest hoverboards around. We find that a lot of our customers prefer the ride of the air-filled tires much more forgiving and easy to navigate rough terrain. Great for kids or adults. If you are a resident of Rural Canada I'm sure you know that gravel roads are a common feature of our great country and having a hoverboard that can go down a gravel road with ease can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend some time. 

And we added the optional Bluetooth speakers to all of our hoverboards so you get the added benefit of a speaker for no extra charge! 

We've sold over 2500 of our Off Road Hoverboards in Canada


Our Ten Inch Off Road Hoverboard is the Best Choice if;

  • It may be ridden on soft or rough surfaces. This is the best model for dirt and gravel
  • The rider knows how to ride or is at a more advanced age
  • You want the ability to do everything other hoverboards can and more

Key Features of our Ten Inch Off Road Hoverboard;

  • Rubber 10 inch Tall Air Filled Tires
  • BlueTooth Speaker to play music from your phone
  • UL Certified Battery and electronics
  • One Year Parts & Labour Warranty

Sweet 10 Inch Off Road Hoverboard

SOLD OUT, ETA Late Summer 2021

Black Ten Inch Off Road Hoverboard

SOLD OUT, ETA Late Summer 2021

Blue Star Ten Inch Off Road Hoverboard

SOLD OUT, ETA Late Summer 2021

Graffiti Ten Inch Off Road Hoverboard

Limited stock on hand

Red Flame Ten Inch Off Road Hoverboard

SOLD OUT, ETA Late Summer 2021

Red 10 inch Off Road Hoverboards


Extended Warranty

Peace of mind protection for your expensive hoverboard
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With massive 10 inch tall wheels, these off road hoverboards can eliminate the bumps and spin outs that plague the smaller wheel hoverboard versions. This hoverboard is great for grass, gravel and dirt trails. And of course it still works on pavement and other smooth surfaces but with an easier to balance ride and more comfort. The air filled tires are the easiest to ride as they provide a softer cushion than the solid rubber tires on our other models and highly superior to the plastic wheels on our competitors hoverboards. These are the Best Off Road Hoverboards in Canada.

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