Buy a Hoverboard by Colour

We stock all the most popular colours of hoverboards in Canada. We make hoverboard shopping easy by allowing you to shop by colour.

Choose your hoverboard by color

You thought it would be easy when your child asked for a black hoverboard until you started checking and there are lots of different black hoverboards. This page will help you select a hoverboard by colour. All the different models are listed together showing the differences between each board sorted by colour. Remember, we only sell the Best Hoverboards in Canada at the Cheapest Hoverboard prices.

How many different colours do hoverboards come in? Well here is a list of the different hoverboard colours that we stock;

Black, Blue, Red, White, Green, Purple, Orange, Pink, Blue Chrome, Green Chrome, Gold Chrome, Pink Chrome, Graffiti patterns (Hip Hop) and Camo patterns.