Six Inch Economy Hoverboard, Red

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Our Best Hoverboard Value

Great for Beginners

If you're looking for an inexpensive hoverboard for a beginner or child then our Entry Level Hoverboard may be the right fit for you and your budget. These hoverboards are built to be rugged and reliable while saving you some money. They don't go quite as fast as our Classic Hoverboards but for a beginner that's usually a good choice. They feature a battery range of up to 15 km under ideal conditions and would make a great gift for any child.

We sell these with a free 90 day warranty and have virtually no problems with these hoverboards as they are very reliable and trouble-free. We also offer an upgrade to a one year warranty for a small additional change for peace of mind hoverboarding now and in the future.

Max load 120 kg,

max speed 10 km/hr,

Max range 15 km,

24 v battery,

LED Lights front and rear,

90 day limited warranty on electronics.

Warranty does not cover damage by abuse, moisture or dropping.

If you are looking for a cheap entry level hoverboard then our 6.5" hoverboard is a great choice!

But everybody asks "Why are they cheaper than your Classic 6 inch hoverboards"

There are several differences

1 - The use a dual control system in which each wheel is controlled by it's own electronics, our Classic hoverboards use a motherboard/sideboard system in which the motherboard controls both wheels. Less electronics = less cost

2 - They use a 24 volt battery instead of a 42 volt (36 volt nominal) Less battery cells = less cost

3 - They use a plastic wheel hub instead of an aluminum wheel hub. Plastic = less cost

4 - 90 day warranty instead of one year warranty. But you can purchase a warranty plan to get up to one year coverage

But are they any good? Well we're betting that they are. They are manufactured by the factory that makes many popular name brand hoverboards. This factory is also one that has been making hoverboards longer than nearly everybody else. They just designed a hoverboard that costs less to meet the demands of some consumers.