Best Electric Scooters Canada

Electric Scooters have came a long way since their introduction a few years ago.

And I'm not talking about an electric mobility scooter with 4 wheels, I'm talking specifically about the folding electric scooters that have become very popular in Canada. With the introduction of rental fleets from Lime, Bird and other electric scooter companies a lot of people have been introduced to electric scooters and realize how much of a time and money savings can be obtained with a folding electric scooter.

But instead of spending a few dollars every time you want to rent an electric scooter in Canada, (if you can find one where they're supposed to be and the battery isn't dead) you can buy your own electric scooter with the money you're saving. For just a few dollars a day you can have your own electric scooter and start adding up the savings.


Dualtron Style Off Road Electric Scooter, 11 inch off road tires, 60 volt 25 aHr battery, dual 1600 watt motors


Off Road eScooter with 11" Tires


Xiaomi Style Electric scooter, Ten inch wheels, 36 volt 10 aHr battery, 350W motor

10" Tire Electric scooter

Trekpro V1 electric scooter, 8.5 inch tires, 36 volt 7.8 aHr battery, 350 watt motor

8.5" Tire eScooter

Xiaomi M365Pro Style Electric scooter, 8.5 inch wheels, 36 volt 7.5 aHr battery, 250W motor

8.5" Tire Electric Scooter