Key Features

  • 6.5" Solid Rubber Tire
  • 24 volt UL Certified Battery
  • Plastic Wheel Hubs
  • LED Lights 

Economy 6" Hoverboard


Our new economy hoverboards are great for beginners and others wanting a hoverboard without spending as much money.

Built using a 24 volt control system means a lower top speed and reduced range which is good for beginners.

These hoverboards use a dual control system instead of our standard 3 piece motherboard/sideboard setup, Combining this with a 24 volt battery and 250 watt motors enables us to lower the price while still providing a quality product.

Max load 120 kg,
max speed 10 km/hr,
Max range 15 km, 24 v battery,
LED Lights front and rear,
90 day limited warranty on electronics and mechanical structure.
Warranty does not cover damage by abuse, moisture or dropping.

Battery charger included

Our Economy Hoverboard is the Best Choice if;
  • It will mainly be ridden on Hard Surfaces
  • The rider is young and may want to progress to a larger model in the future
  • You want the Lowest Price possible
Key Features of our Economy Hoverboard;
  • 6.5 inch Tall Solid Rubber Tires
  • UL Certified Battery and electronics
  • 90 day Parts & Labour Warranty
  • Lowest Purchase cost

If you are looking for a cheap entry level hoverboard then our 6.5" hoverboard is a great choice!

But everybody asks "Why are they cheaper than your Classic 6 inch hoverboards"

There are several differences

1 - The use a dual control system in which each wheel is controlled by it's own electronics, our Classic hoverboards use a motherboard/sideboard system in which the motherboard controls both wheels. Less electronics = less cost

2 - They use a 24 volt battery instead of a 42 volt (36 volt nominal) Less battery cells = less cost

3 - They use a plastic wheel hub instead of an aluminum wheel hub. Plastic = less cost

4 - 30 day warranty instead of one year warranty. But you can purchase a warranty plan to get up to one year coverage

But are they any good?

Well we've sold quite of few of them and they've been very reliable. They're manufactured by the factory that makes many popular name brand hoverboards. This factory is also one that has been making hoverboards longer than nearly everybody else. They just designed a hoverboard that costs less to meet the demands of some consumers.